Dragons News · New OSAA update from 12/7/2020

Below is the new sports season calendar from OSAA, along with some other guidelines.  Please remember that Oregon Health Authority will have the final approval.


 Season 1 – has extended to February 21- previously December 27
Season 2 – Fall Sports – February 8 – (for football only) February 22 – VB, Soccer, XC, Cheer – April 11
Season 3 – Spring Sports – April 5 – May 23
Season 4 – Winter Sports – May 10 – June 27
Practice Requirement:  Football – 9 days and must follow the gradual addition of equipment prior to participation in competition.  First week has no equipment.
– All other sports – 5 days of practice prior to competition
– Season 3 and 4, if an athlete participates in the previous season, excluding season 1, the practice requirement is waived.
Other items:
1.  Face Masks (no shield only options) are required by everyone at all times indoor and outside.. There is no longer the 6 ft rule…
2.  Notice the overlap in seasons… especially Season 3 to 4….  Athletes may want to quit one sport to start another one.  If an athlete quits one sport, they will have to wait to start the next sport until the current sport has ended.
3.  We are waiting on the out of season coaching requirements. For instance, during Season 2 (Fall) what can Spring and Winter sports do?   We have been using the 6A pilot.. It could be significantly different.